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Taskwarrior Sync

I use Taskwarrior to keep track of my todos for long term projects as well as daily tasks. While I love Taskwarrior, there are often times where I'm away from my computer and would like to add a todo.

After some research, I found InThe.Am which is an open source project which serves as a syncing server for Taskwarrior, and Foreground, which is an open source project offering a pretty good mobile interface for Taskwarrior.

One thing I found lacking was documentation on sync back and forth with my desktop. So I put some bash scripts together.

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Published: 2022-06-23

Tagged: taskwarrior

Bash parallels

I spent 2+ hours working on a function to sync my private notes Repos. Actually getting the initial concept to work was quick, but then I wanted to make it work in parallel, easy. But then I wanted to capture the output and make it print out in serial. Not so easy.

Here is the my final solution:

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Published: 2022-03-09

Tagged: bash